Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Nerves!

Wonderful-Brava-Fantastik! You are really doing a good job - GO TO HELL TRILLANES! (I don't care if later-tomorrow-or the following day... You and your seven dwarfs shuts down my site) You can attempt to do a 3rd-4th-coup d'etat here... More than WELCOME! Plizzz leave Gloria ALONE!

Ohh I just wanted to share this, found it somewhere here on the net scattered like a trash...
Demokrasya Totohanin: Senador Trillanes Paglingkurin! True Democracy Now: Let Senator Trillanes Serve! - Is that so? O sige, sabi mo eh!

I just can't understand... After what he and his "dwarfs" did at Oakwood, still made him a Senator? Huh... Anomaly-anomaly-anomaly!

I am not writing this entry because Gloria gave me such amount of monies... NO-NO-NO I am not on anybodys side here... Ang point eh


More than a year after the mutiny, its leaders apologized to the president for the failed military rebellion. Arroyo accepted the apology, but ruled out immediate pardon and said their trial would proceed. The officers face sentences up to life in prison for the mutiny. Then in November 2004, President Arroyo ordered 133 of the 321 soldiers freed, saying they were deceived by their officers into joining the mutiny. - From Wikipedia

Kung hindi naman kayo mukang tanga diba? Tapos ngayon inuulit nyo ulit? Sawa na ba Oakwood, kaya Manila Peninsula naman? Tsktsk, I heard that Manila Peninsula just got renovated!, Oh well... I guess you fancy nice hotels, So what's next? Anito or Victoria Court? Or hmm much better... STOP your coup'de'stupiti!

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