Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nothing hurts more than this...

I wanted to have a break. Go somewhere; just anywhere as long as it's quiet and am going to have a peace of mind.

As I am supposed to get married next year in Asia and have a honeymoon in Europe, [Europe Motel - sa may Avenida] I was thinking what if, I use these tickets by myself... But then again, it's no good, it'll just remind me of her. Today I already cancelled our trip. For it may never happen anymore...*naninigas habang nag-ta-type* Eh diba nga kasi ang labanan namin dito eh patigasan? LOL.

While talking to the airline earlier, the rep. was asking me a reason why I am cancelling the trip?
So I told her... *This is Top Secret okay? I'll just whisper it to you... Mam' Can you come close to your earpiece please?* IT'S NANO YO BUSINESS!

I wonder what's the weather in Paris right now... Paris, Pennsylvania? Tennessee? No! Texas!

Will still there be happy ending to our drama? *can someone please do me a favor? just stab me in the neck... PLEASE!*


Anonymous said...

baka gusto mong pumunta ng catanduanes :D


diwata said...

saan yan? anong gagawin mo sa akin sa catanduanes? he he he