Thursday, November 29, 2007

8 points, and beat it!

Last Week on the way to Nueva Yorka...

As in we are caught in the act! We are only allowed at this area to do a 55mph, but we are running 30 more/mph so we are doing a 85mph on a 55mph area.

That is really good that we told Officer Chenalyn that I really need to use the restroom badly so instead of getting an 8 point ticket we only got 2. And instead of speeding what we got is just kind of reckless driving. (caught in the act na huli sa akto! paano ba naman kasi bilis-bilis-bilis ng takbo ng makita ang parak ayuuunn biglang preno wa care kung may karunichiwa sa likod sa kalagitnaan ng highways of my life!)

::sigh:: It was a relief imagine the monies $$$ if that was 8 points? not just for the ticket but also the insurance!) - OMG ang pogi noong pulis parang si Tobey McGuire na mas pinapogiiii pa, hah-hah pogi sya believe me. Coming from me! Dahil alam nyo naman hindi ako mahilig sa lalake no, pero nakaka appreciate naman ako ng gwapo!

So here’s how to beat a speeding ticket in New Jersey. And managed to get total costs reduced by 80%!

1. Get a ticket

2. Go to your court date. (If you show up 30 minutes before the court opens, you’ll put your name near the beginning of the sign-in sheet and you’ll get out of court in an hour… Else, you could be there for 1-3 hours)

3. On the way in, sign the “I want to talk to the prosecutor” sheet. It will be next to the sign-in sheet.

4. Possibly wait a few hours. Read the book you brought and/or do people-watch. It’s better than the DMV.

5. When you’re name is called to speak with the prosecutor, (If the judge calls you before the prosecutor, tell him that you’re waiting to speak to the prosecutor) tell him that you’d like to pay a surcharge to the court instead of getting points on your license.They can offer you maybe

two choices:

* First option: To plead guilty, pay the ticket, $$$? in court costs and get my ticket reduced to # points?

* Second option: To plead guilty, pay the ticket, $$$? in court costs, a $250 surcharge and get my ticket reduced to 0 points. (Yes, just by showing up at the courthouse, You can saved at least $900 in insurance fees!)

6. Go before the judge. As long as he doesn’t think you are a menace to society and really deserve the points, he’ll approve of the deal. (I saw a guy who had been driving for 9 months and was on his second ticket get denied.)

7. Sign the check at the cashier’s desk.


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toni said...

konting ingat sa pgddrive ate kasi bukod sa talagang gastos eh abala pa.