Sunday, September 30, 2007

SEO at it's BEST!

Turn your firm's Web site into a high performance, revenue and brand building machine. Hire Brand Identity Guru Inc. to create and implement an effective Internet marketing campaign and search engine optimization and positioning strategy that will drive more people to your website than ever before. Only at Boston Search Engine Optimization Services.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of gaining the highest visibility possible in the organic listings of the search engines.

This is achieved through comprehensive keyword research and analysis to determine the most popular (and least competitive) keywords for your business. Based on this analysis, we make recommendations for site enhancements including content and navigation considerations, copy editing to integrate target keywords, and metatag creation.

The overall goal is to increase your rankings for keywords that are priorities to your business strategy. A web site analysis focuses on copy, technology, design, layout, graphics, architecture, navigation, and coding practices to determine search engine friendliness.

Search engines are major drivers of online business and you can't afford not to have first page exposure ahead of your competition. Consumers and B2B buyers using search engines are either ready to buy or are making purchase plans. Brand IdentityGuru offers the most effective and sophisticated Boston search engine optimization firm offering the best analysis, positioning and performance you'll find.