Monday, September 24, 2007

Unique Couple

What's happening to our upscale neighborhood? They are just popping out of nowhere!, like mushrooms. I like it thou, at least I'll be saving alot of money on my groceries. Last Sunday was it's grand opening 2 of shop rites in my neighborhood, she was indeed very happy about it too. For a change I decided to have a play date with her at shop rite. *Were going somewhere, nothing fancy okay, just dress up and stop asking questions...*

So there we go, we spent our anniversary at shop rite looking for some cheap buys... O diba tipid?

But then again hindi pa din tipid, kasi I have to give her a gift...

Mahalko, I have a gift for you! *Gigglessss... Man kiaw*

M: You don't have to do that! *With
the pak yut voice.*

Here... (Hands out the coupon...)

M: What's this?

My gift... Don't you like it???

M: HUH! HMPFT! *Smilling...* Well I still need to buy something thou, before I get the free stuff!

She is almost happy but noticed that the coupon had expired 2 years ago... LOL!

See this? This I got... A bag full of plastic bags... She even called me last Friday and asked me if I wanted some. Since I always steal plastic bags at the grocery to make it as my trash bag.

Can you see how OC she could be? Yeah, talaga namang iisa-isahin nyang tupiin yan. Hindi ako nagtataka na kapag may inuutos ako inaabot ng syam-syam sa bagal at pagkamaurirat grrrrr...

Sometimes I wonder if she's Filipino and just pretending to be Thai, cause you know what? When I say meet me at 6:30PM well... That's the only time she'll be leaving and see me... Oh gosh.

Aren't we such a sweet couple?

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