Sunday, September 2, 2007

Are you health conscious?

DTOXPATCH is a foot patch that are very popular in Asia specially with the health conscious people. Millions and millions of said patches are sold each and every month. Now you too can enjoy the support and comfort of a leading foot therapy that also captures and keeps out the toxins your body releases during its natural detoxification process; now available in the United States. No pills, no mess, no hassles. Naturally capture released toxins while you sleep with the DTOXPATCH. Where to get it? It's easy... You can buy it easily at

Detox Patches are so easy-to-use, discreet and convenient. Just attach one patch to each of the soles of your feet before you go to sleep at night. You're actually able to see all the harmful toxins that were naturally absorbed on the patch itself! It's easy, safe and very convenient!

One fact about it is that, it took Japanese scientists more than 24 years to develop this remarkable technology. Now you can reap the benefits in just minutes using their safe, effective and easy-to-use Detox Patches.

The DtoxPatch absorbs the following:
- Pesticides
- Tar & Nicotine
- Cholesterol
- Transfats
- Sodium
- Food Additives
and many more...

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And before I forget... Just some of Dtox Benefits

Help cleanse the body, Comfort aching muscles, Support strained joints, Absorbs toxins naturally, Uses proven pressure points on the feet, Assist your body in self-healing

100% all natural ingredients! They guarantee your satisfaction.