Sunday, September 2, 2007

Branding Blog

Brand Identity Guru provides branding services for companies and websites. Their service covers online and offline branding as well. Some of their services include marketing strategy, branding strategy, web design and SEO. You can view some of their works in their portfolio section that includes website design, brand rollouts, print ad design and outdoor advertising.

One good example of meaningful blogging here is Branding Blog by Scott White – a force behind Brand Identity Guru Inc (BIG - a professional branding company and marketing firm that specializes in helping you build your company's brand identity). In this blog, he shares his real life branding experiences. He looks at at the good, bad and the ugly of branding where interested person can interact.

The site is there to raise awareness of how important branding is to your business. People all too often get caught up in SEO, PPC campaigns and all the other necessities of business promotion but they never stop to think whether their branding is sufficient to create decent market recognition.

What's really smart is that BIG don't just offer enlightenment on where your branding is failing; they take things much further than that.

If you're US based they can provide a "free website analysis", covering SEO Content, SEO Architecture, PageRank Evaluation, Backward, Links Evaluation, Competitive Analysis, Key Word Penetration, Content Evaluation, Competing Web Pages and Strategic Linking Structure. Not a bad thing to receive for free if you don't have the knowledge yourself - even if it is just a basic SEO report.