Thursday, September 20, 2007

I really enjoy these Brits!

i like their humour! laughter is still the best medicine...

Catherine Tate Show - Lauren (I ain't BOVVERED!)

The Catherine Tate Show is an award-winning British television sketch comedy written by Catherine Tate who stars in all of the show's sketches, which feature a wide range of characters. The Catherine Tate Show airs on BBC Two and is shown worldwide through the BBC. Collectively, the show has been nominated for six BAFTA Awards, two British Comedy Awards and an Emmy Award, and it has won two Royal Television Society Awards and two British Comedy Awards since its debut in 2004.

Little Miss Jocelyn

Little Miss Jocelyn is a comedy sketch show series written by Jocelyn Jee Esien, who also plays all the main comic characters. The show aired on BBC Three in the United Kingdom, with the first episode broadcast on 22 August 2006. The show was also available to people in the UK via Internet streaming. Mostly consisting of comedy sketches, the show also featured some hidden camera footage where unsuspecting members of the public were involved in a scene. This was probably a reference to hidden camera sketch show 3 Non-Blondes, in which Jocelyn appeared.

The first series was released on DVD on 25 September 2006.

On 21 March the BBC announced a second series had been commissioned. 6 new episodes will air in winter 2007 on BBC Two while the first series will be repeated in spring of this year.

3 Non Blondes

3 Non-Blondes is a hidden camera comedy show (and the name given to the three comedians who star in it), distributed by the British Broadcasting Corporation on the BBC Three digital network channel. It also airs on BBC America.

Ninia Benjamin, Tameka Empson and Jocelyn Jee Esien play a range of comical characters to the unsuspecting public. Varying from a fictional celebrity named Marcia Brown, to a charity worker who only wants a kiss or a hug instead of a cash donation.

Two series of the comedy have been broadcast, both were released on a DVD boxset on November 22, 2004; distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment. In an interview concerning her own sketch show, Little Miss Jocelyn, Jocelyn hinted that a third series would probably not be filmed, as they became too well known. The public would either identify them or play along with the sketches, much to the stars' embarrassment.

In 2003, they were listed in The Observer as one of the 50 funniest British comedy acts.

In 2007, Trouble TV picked up the series and are now showing it Mondays at 9:00pm.

Little Britain - Ting Tong Macadangdang

Little Britain is a character-based sketch show first appearing on BBC radio and then television. It was written by and stars Matt Lucas and David Walliams. Its title is an amalgamation of the terms 'Little England' and 'Great Britain', and is also the name of a Victorian neighbourhood and modern street in London [1]. An American version of the series will be made for HBO by Lucas and Walliams in 2007.

Many of the characters on the show have their own often-repeated catchphrases. Many have become well-known in the United Kingdom, and the show has gained a mainstream following.

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