Wednesday, September 19, 2007

new kind of shoes

Heard of the new trend? Heelys? At first I thought heelys is something that is like a high heel or something that has to do with heels, like a girly shoes. Well, I guess am just too old to know the newest trends now. Well out of curiosity I ask my cousin about it, cause I mean I maybe the only one that doesn't know what a heelys are. - and I just don't want to be left out! Ofcourse!

Well she said that it is a shoes that roll! A one of a kind, powerful, lightweight athletic shoes feature a single, stealth wheel housed in the heel, allowing athletes of all skill levels to walk, run and transition to a roll at any moment. Roll into all situations, or simply remove the wheel and transform your Heelys into a pair of fashionable street shoes! COOL! Right?

I was so curious that I even want to see that actual shoes and I was directed to is an online store for Fritz's Skate and Surf, it is a popular action sport shop. May it be your into rollerblades, surf, skate and yeah heelys too they haveit also! offers a wide array of aggressive and recreational inline skates. You will find almost anything that you need here in regards to skates. From skates, rollerblades, helmets, skateboards, bearing, bags, and protective equipment from all major inline skate manufacturers to name a few like Rollerblade, Roces, Salomon, Razors, USD and many more other brands.

This is a sponsored post.