Monday, September 10, 2007

Just Thankful...

You want to know a great secret? I bet it'll change your life forever or for the better!

I have never seen this or dreamed of it... Here's my "secret".

I have been reading the book "The Secret". Ohhh there is so much positivity in this book! I highly recommend it! It is the book that will change your life forever! It is very inspiring. Walang halong plastic he he he... Kinarir ko ang pagbabasa sa kanya. Now I really love the new me. I never felt this free, happy and powerful. Never just now. Life has just started for me. And I guess it's never too late. I like this new frequency what I have in me.

I am very thankful for people, like Chuva. She is the one who introduced me to this book and I learn some positive outlook in life from her too.

Here's my secret... Shssshh, it's the law of attraction.


maLen said...

hello diwa, may book din sis ko nyan and very postive nga sya, nice read no?

take care


diwata said...

mismow! binasa mo ba?