Friday, September 28, 2007

Nevada Corps. have experience with incorporation business since 1996. They started as a general incorporation service setting up companies in different jurisdictions.

Actually they have physically moved to Nevada in 2001 and opened it's first office in 2003. Nevada corps goal is to focus on one jurisdiction and make the whole incorporation process as efficient as possible. They are locally based incorporator in Las Vegas and therefore they can keep the whole process under our control. It's current setup allows them to charge much less than competitors and still have a profit.

It's company is helping thousands of entrepreneurs each year to start their own business. NO they aren't lawyers that doesn't charge high fees. All they do is to help with all the paperwork which might be complicated to people who are not familiar with starting businesses. They help you set up corporation or LLC in any state.

By the way not only they can help you with paperworks, but also provides a space to start a business. Actually they have a program for virtual offices and executive suites. You can basically use our office with free phones and internet. You can use our conference room. And it all starts at $45 per month. Great for start ups. Why meet clients in Starbucks when you can meet them in professional office.