Sunday, September 30, 2007


At you can create comtract, send parties and sign online then it considered as an e-contracts right?

I just can't believe in our technology today! Before it's just airline tickets and show tickets that can do e-tickets, and now contracts too? This is such a good idea!

Now I know you all are wondering how this stuff works right? It's simple, fast and easy! And yeah it is FREE!

Create Contract. SignUp for your free account and create your contract.

Send to Parties. Add contract parties and send a SnapContract signature invitation.

Sign Online. All parties may then sign the contract online.

The best of all, it FREE! Signing up is FREE!

So busy people don't need to worry anymore cause is here. You don't need to travel a thousand miles anymore just to get that deal done and contract signing, you can do it now online at at the tips and flick or your finger tips! Snappy isn't it?

You can do it anytime and anywhere. Wherever and whatever you're doing at the moment!
It's fast, easy, reliable and it's FREE! Isn't that the most important thing? FREE! It is really true that the best things in life are FREE!