Sunday, September 2, 2007

brand identity

Every brand has a unique story and has a unique experience. Both are built over time through strong and consistent communication wherever the brand manifests itself – from business cards to web sites to billboards. Creating effective brands and brand communication requires commitment and buy in from the top level on down as a first step.

Brand Identity Guru Inc. guides it's clients every step of the way through their branding process; from brand strategy and brand research to defining brand attributes to creating effective and compelling brand identities. Brand identity and brand image research and analysis is completely objective.

Brand Identity Guru is a Branding agency dedicated to your success. It is a Boston marketing and Boston branding company dedicated to your success. They always see the BIGPicture. Coming in from outside, they can take a fresh look at the messages you're sending and determine how wide the gap is between your brand identity and brand image.

They conduct a brand audit and analysis of your brand identity and brand image; review all corporate and marketing communications, internal and external. That means trade ads, annual reports, trade show booths, brochures, sell sheets, training videos, newsletters, press releases, etc. The BIGPicture and BrandMasterpiece can outline a profile of your company in terms of how it now interacts with the world and if your marketing strategy and branding strategy are in alignment. There may be a few surprises. If you decide to partner with them, they 'll apply sophisticated research and analysis techniques which result in an action plan unique to your company's branding, its challenges and goals. This is just one part of it's banding services!