Monday, September 10, 2007

Personality and Trivia Quiz Site

Are you bored and looking to take some fun things to do? I myself from time to time enjoy answering some personality and trivia quiz's.

I usually go at Quiz Rocket to do some personality test and trivia quiz's. They have 18 trivia quizzes and funny personality tests, with new quizzes added every week! Check them out and I assure you that it'll be fun-fun-fun time!

Even if am not blonde, I took the dumb blonde test, ahh just for fun thou. I also took lesbian quiz and guess what I am? It says on the picture below! He he he... I enjoy doing things like this specially if am not doing anything important just like passing time.

They have alot of topics. Quiz topics include the Dating Personality Quiz, Religion Test, Intelligence Quiz, Office Character Quiz, Where Should I Live Quiz, Personal Fashion Style Quiz,Cooking Quiz, Reality TV Quizzes, Dumb Test, Pop Culture Quiz, One Hit Wonder Songs Quiz, Pop Music Quiz, Gay Guiz,Online Bible Quiz, Teen Personality Quiz, Lesbian quiz, - and the "Impossible" Quiz.

What are you waiting for? Why don't you take some quiz right now, and find out more about yourself! This is some serious F-U-N!

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