Tuesday, September 11, 2007


For me what I call a real women are the curvy ones. Real women have CURVES - they maybe kind of large but their lovely really. The skinny ones are very typical and very common. Sometimes we need change too, not just change... But we have to be real, you know what I mean? I mean, me myself I get tired, very tired with women who are very thin and skinny. - they sometimes look like a walking bone for reals! LOL.

And who says that curvy divas can't be a top model? Of course not! I would prefer to see a curvy women on the catwalk! Than those skinny models. I like full figure divas like davina. Oh I wish I can see plus size models on the catwalk someday, isn't that very interesting? Well I am think too and being thick is not that bad. That's just why I am very interested in the plus size industry information and plus size events and news

The woman you see in the photo below is the fabulous Plus Size Model Davina and she give tips too on Plus Size modeling tips. This is good for the Plus Size Industry.

Go check out her blog and be sure to have subscription to it... It's FREE and don’t forget to add it to your bookmarks! - look for the large HUGE pink button in the middle of the page. And while you are there you can also donate any size to the blog and the plus size cause through pay-pal.

If you are a curvy diva, or would like to be a curvy model then this is a site that you have to check out. There are some the stores you will see in the sidebar of this blog are like Monif. C, Torrid, Old Navy - Plus Size, Jewelry television, Dereon and so on.

Isn't she beautiful? Oh come'on, I know what you are all thinking! REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES not just that... Their beautiful too!