Sunday, September 30, 2007


Boston Search Engine Optimization by Brand Identity Guru.

Brand Identity Guru Inc.'s search engine optimization and Internet marketing team are experts in driving these potential customers to your door, using innovative optimizing and positioning strategies like: keyword and key phrase optimized web copy, web site submissions, reciprocal linking, online promotion techniques, search engine positioning along with a complete suite of tracking and analysis services that reveal how well these strategies are working so adjustments can be made. With Brand Identity Guru Inc. in your virtual corner, your business will enjoy a strong presence in the global online marketplaces that search engines have become.

Why is a top ranking on the key search engines important? Because it's absolutely the most cost-effective way to get more visitors to your web site. Recent statistics show that between 70-80 percent of website visitors go to a web site by way of a search engine like Google or Yahoo! A top-10 placement means your company is right there to be found.

You can obtain high organic search engine rankings and improve your site's content, persuasiveness, and bottom line sales performance. Search engines look for quality content and we provide that with optimized copywriting and content development, and by ensuring that the right Web sites link to your site. Our system of building in value to our client's sites has created tremendous economic value and brand awareness. The key here is that the value is determined partly by search engine algorithms. We take or make your value proposition, content, brand and communications styles and adapt them to what search engines demand. The result is targeted search engine visibility and real bottom line success.