Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's a Flat World After All...

It is! It's a flat world after all according to Kyle Lauderdale!

Kyle Lauderdale teaches people about affiliate programs in it's website! For those people who doesn't know what's an affiliate program. Affiliate program is the ideal way to make your web site profitable. There is such a huge range of web affiliate programs now available to suit you and your site.

Most affiliate programs (also known as associate programs, partnership programs or reseller programs in order of popularity) are generally pay-per-sale (PPS) marketing programs for products or services, based on the concept of revenue sharing.

Companies selling products or services online pay you a cut of their profits (a share in their revenue) as a commission on any and all sales you create for them (i.e. pay-per-sale), through the introduction of new customers.

So basically, what Kyle is talking about here is the online version of a salesperson working on commission-only and not employed by the company who's products or services they promote: An independent representative. One important difference however, is that you don't actually have to "close the sale." The company do that for you. Your job is simply to introduce qualified prospective customers.

Alhough commission rates offered to affiliates vary widely, with affiliate programs paying out anything from 2 – 300%, they are generally based on the gross value (usually the selling price) of the product or service concerned.