Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hey Ladies!

All Women want to meet the right guy! It's given already. Now there is a new website packed with even more features to find that right perfect guy may it be for dating, companionship or for keeps.

Have you heard of the Date Screening Website? Well this is the site for you if you have dated a few abusive people! This is the world's largest database rating men targeting abusive and cheating men. There are tens of thousands of men's names entered by women to promote safer dating worldwide. It's women networking together to share their stories and experiences to bring the good guys to the top and the bad to the bottom. Isn't this GREAT?

The large portion of this website's visitors are women and nothing but women, a site which ranks in the top 15% of all women’s websites on the web. Specifically it is a date screening website which can protect you from certain men that you may not want to get involved with. Well it contains an extensive database rating cheating and abusive men, along with plenty of other free resources. The best way to see what the site has to offer is to simply visit it