Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Am I that weird?

1. I like cheeseburger without the cheese.

2. I can't count. But I have an Accounting degree. (double masters and triple phd)

3. I have very sensitive skin. (no sticky stuffs for me)

4. I can live just by eating oysters. (i love see-food!)

5. I am allergic to most animals including people! (nah, really.)

6. I get bored easily. (like right now, *sigh*)

7. I have tons of shoes. (now that is Imeldefic! innit?)

I stole this from Rebecca ahiiiiiiihiiiihihihih...

Are you weird enough? Norms, Reyns, Malen, Ambo, Dr. Joy, Pia, Agnes and Pretty


cheh said...

hahaha cheeseburger without cheese! :D

ako naman gusto ko pinakbet na alang bagoong,hehe dyoking DB:)

diwata said...

hehehe oy may pakbet na walang bagoong ha.

Pretty Life Online said...

LOL! tapos name nito ganda, just add up you name there ha! weird ka ng you like cheeseburger without the cheese???? ano ba ito diwata ka talga, hahahahaha!