Sunday, January 27, 2008


From Norms again, well who else? She's the only one who keep giving me awards many thanks girl, I hope you won't get tired of giving me such awards like this.

I have never got an award like this, cheer me up and excellent award before. According to Norms excellent is for the person who have tried their best and have done everything in life.

I think this award really fits me! Cause I have been really very double trying my best as in, (need to finish at least 10 entries today!). I have done everything in life too, just read my past entries and you'll know what am saying (wala pa talaga akong anak in real life, pero dahil sa pepe nagka-anak akong bigla lol).

These are the people/blogs that usually cheer me up Malen of mynosebleed, Agnes of heyokity, The Divaness herself Jojitah and HRH Kamahalan Queen Reyna Elena of ReynaElena. These are the few timang blogs that cheers me up whenever I visit em'

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