Sunday, January 27, 2008

Searching for something?

Looking for something? Well there is - A Great Place for Search!

Spock is a search application that organizes information around people. Spock uses its special algorithm to crawl popular sites on the Web and combines this with community tagging to create relevant and rich search results about people. You can search for people by name or search term, which we they tags on Spock.

This is an all new awesome search engine that allows you to search for people by their name, email or even job titles. If the search query is found in their search engine, you will be able to find a lot of news about that particular person or user group. In short, spock is a database search engine that displays everything they know about this particular person for example John and shows all his information, career, his website (if there is any) links online.

Alternatively, you can also type in the search term such as "democrat," "republican," or "drunk driver," which will then give you the top results on Spock for those terms. Results are ordered by number of votes, source of search results, completeness of search results, and many other secret factors.

Every information you receive with this search engine, you will see that it contains photos and links to the search results. You can find friends and classmates and everybody you look for. So if you are looking for something or anything just Spock it.