Sunday, January 27, 2008

Protect Your Identity and SAVE!

What is LoudSiren? Loud Siren works when someone tries to use your personal information to open an account you will receive a warning call from At that time, you can either approve or deny the credit application. You can register up to 3 different phone numbers to ensure that you will always be in close contact with LoudSiren.

If you are a LoudSiren client you will be able to prevent thieves from opening up bank accounts and credit cards by using your personal information. By registering your phone numbers with the LoudSiren fraud alert management system you will be alerted before credit is extended in your name.

With Loud Siren YOU are in control!

After you enroll, LoudSiren files your fraud alerts using a unique phone number that has been assigned only to you. This is called your LoudSiren Safe Phone Number. When a request for credit is made in your name, the creditor will contact LoudSiren using this unique phone number, or, in some cases, use other or additional methods to confirm your identity. LoudSiren will automate the credit request and pass it on to you at up to three phone numbers that you provide to LoudSiren during enrollment.

And to receive that discounted annual membership rate of $89 enter the LoudSiren Promo Code "Save" on the application. Visit them today!