Monday, January 28, 2008

Worst Movie Ever!

Cloverfield the worst ever movie I have ever saw in my whole life! If you haven't seen it, please do yourself a huge favor don't ever dare see it. - this entry might be too late for that, am really sorry, I was caught up with alot of things.

Well, the movie starts intriguingly, with that shaky video camcorder that carries sinister-looking date and time stamps. The video was shot by a young guy named Buddy.

Long story short, they are being terrorized by a giant monster roaring through Manhattan who's destroying buildings, knocking down bridges and playing shot put with the Statue of Liberty's head.

Whenever I would remember or say this movie, I would feel sick. Crowds scream and push each other around. There's just alot of running around captured with that camcorder. If you're prone to motion sickness don't see this movie!

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