Friday, January 25, 2008

The Chinese Lady Strikes AGAIN!

I am very-very-very double triple disappointed furious upset every effin' morning, with PATCO yes, I am one of those unhappy and dissatisfied patrons of Patco.

And by the way I am not Chinese last thing I checked. ( Remember, at some freakin bar in Center City? Some white trash had used this derogatory word to me?)

Back to Patco, want to know why? Well according to Manat they are stealers! Every morning they steal money from my FREEDOM PASS, what kind of freedom is that? It is not freedom at all for me!, Well maybe freedom for them to steal my money from my card! Eh?

The supposed fare for one way is $1.30 and thus fare should be charge at the exit (when you get off)... I don't alot of money on my so called "FREEDOM PASS", just a few dollars now and then. Since, I don't have that much, I know what I have and I know what I am spending. *It's easy to track and do accounting if it's like this*

I have noticed that when I reload my card for $20.00, after I get off my balance would be $18.70 which is fine and fair that's what they are supposed to charge (do the math! lol). But, A big BUTT, the morning after that, when I entered the freedom gate it's says on my balance... YOU have remaining $$$ $17.70 and by the I get off my balance is now $16.40--- now where's my $1.00?????&&$$#Q$%$&*U***&#$@%$ Every freakin' day it's like this! And Patco transit marshals and customer service couldn't answer my question *It's not even a billion dollar question grrrrr!!!* Even it's damn computers can't tell me where my missing dollars are!

All I want to know is where my money goes?Whose pocket did it ended up? I HATE IT! i HATE IT! I HATE IT! I hate you PATCO and your so called "FREEDOM PASS" Y'all can go to hell for all I care!

I have been complaining about this problem for the least 2 or 3 months already and nobody freakin' help me or answer my damn questions why it's like that (TULFO where are you when times like this?)

I really admire New York's fare system! That's why tomorrow, I am moving to NY!

If you have the same situation as mine, contact me (mag rally tayong dalawa sa harap ng Patco!)

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