Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just gotta act like one (Welcome to the slums)

Yesterday was the first day of classes for me for Spring season. *This time, I am on a different campus, I am and will be attending future classes in Camden. Cause it's much easier for me to go there from work to home and v.v.* I was really scary specially for me, cause that was my first day. I am not saying that Camden is in a bad neighborhood! Well, it's a home for most of the transients, prostitutes, drug dealers, con men, junkies and murderer see it is not bad at all!!!

I didn't bring my camera last night, just picture this... Hmmm how about Downtown Los Angeles or hmmm much better Tramo in Pasay. Isn't that scary?

I was at the train station waiting for the bus to take me to the campus, even tough the school is just a block away, I'd rather wait for the bus stay in the cold than gamble for my life... I mean it is much safer for me really to stay in at the station than walk alone... *If you want to be dead, just go to Camden!*

Well at the station there are lots of people from different backgrounds, which is am still bothered but hell there is a Police station right next to me, so all I have to do if somethings not right is holler right?

I would have been there at the school if I had walked... But still I'd rather wait for the bus to come even if it takes forever! It was such a boring experience I'd say. So all I do is wait/watch people/walk back-fort/smoke the hell out of my lungs... I have been noticing this man keeps look at me and he's been talking to alot of people kind of like that, I think he is a locale there., He then suddenly come up to me and another man it's like they are hovering me... The first when he came up to me told me wazzup baby? I am not your baby, don't baby me! So I felt that they are hovering on me so I told them that if they don't get away near me I MA SCREAM... It was such a relief they back out and I just stay closely to the Police station, where the officers can see me just in case somebody wants to abduct/rape/rob/mug me...

The campus is nice. I could say that it's safe, there's alot of security in it you just gotta stay within a 1 meter radius, hahhaaahhaa... After that 1 meter radius you are on your own. I was even planning to get myself a bulletproof vest. Oh, well I hope my umbrella (a big umbrella) will work just in case.

On the way back to the train station which is a block away, I have to walk, I can't wait for the bus anymore it's really getting late... It was okay, all I can say is that yesterday is such a TRIP!

At the train station: If it's just your luck, my card is not working my "FREEDOM PASS" which I still have left a few Dollars in it. So I have no choice but to use the pay phone and talk to an operator, which I really-really-really-really HATE to the maximum level, it's disgusting to use pay phones! You don't want to know whats in those pay phones... Ewwwwwww!!!

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