Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Does it do any good?

This is the cost of war in Iraq

* $275 million per day
* $4,100 per household
* Almost 4,000 U.S. soldiers killed and more than 60,000 wounded
* 700,000 Iraqis killed and 4 million refugees

If I was to make my life a movie, I will name it, In Love and War... It has nothing to do with the movie In Love and War. It's just that me and Manat are just like cat and dog (well with cats and dogs sometimes they do get along together so were like snake and mongoose LOL, it's just never ending). Everyday it's always a new day for us to argue/fight again-and-again-and-again!

We just got back together last Friday from a 5 day break from each other, and now we are fighting again? It's like a cycle... It just go round-and-round-and-round.

I am tired, yet am hopeful.

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