Friday, January 18, 2008

What shampoo do you use?

Shampoo is meant to remove dirt, sebum (a.k.a. oils), and product buildup from your hair. But there are dozens of different brands to choose from, and even more types within those brands. That is so good that a friend introduced me to Salon Grafix.

Every time I would take a bath, I make sure that I shampoo my hair. But, I guess shampooing everyday is not that good for your scalp. I have notice that my scalp went very dry, I am scared. So what I did is I have minimize doing it, but then of course I want my hair to feel great and smell great too. I am very grateful that one of my friends have recommended me dry shampoo from Salon Graffix, it was such a pleasant experience. I did not know that a dry shampoo really exist! Now I don't need to worry about shampooing and all that cause there is a dry shampoo I can use.

And I think, it's just that... There is more of this dry shampoo thing. If you are always on the go and just a typical very busy person, then dry shampoo is for you too! It's for people who doesn't have all that time to shampoo their hair.

If you are just simply... Busy? Always on rush? Then having a
Salon Grafix SPShampoo on hand would be really great!

Spray Powder Shampoo are for all types of hair considering it's color, they have SPS for Brunette Shades, Blonde Shades, Black Shades and Silver Shades. Salon Grafix Spray Powder Shampoo, with its color match formula, is perfect for cleansing and refreshing your hair between normal shampoos or when you are on the go.

• Easily brushes off
• Leaves hair revitalized
• No white powder
• No oil residue
• Clean and shiny hair