Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What I love and hate

From Agnes

1. I love to eat: anything and everything (I am on a See-Food-Diet)
2. I hate to eat: nothing (even crickets, I eat it) I don't waste anything.
3. I love to go: to the clubs/bar drink and drown my sorrows, so by the end of the night am just one drinkitty drunkitty drunk... No more sorrows! LOL.
4. I hate to go: to boring classes!
5. I love it when: people tell me how pretty I am! (You know that I have add/odd/adhd right?)
6. I hate it when: don't say how much pretty I am and how much they love me.
7. I love to see: YOU!
8. I hate to see: poverty?
9. I love to hear: birds chriping every morning *parang totoo! lol*
10. I hate to hear: mike enriquez's voice *same as Agnes* bwahahaha

and now i am passing this tag to the Europeans - Beng, Kengkay, Cheh and Thess

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