Thursday, January 17, 2008

My 5 Best Romantic Ideas for V day

Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
Franklin P. Jones

Even Am loves-less this coming Valentine's Day, still it's not a reason for me not to post my best romantic ideas.

Planning a perfect, romantic evening or getaway for that special someone can be a real pressure. *Been there, done that!*

1. Cook Together
-I am sure that every Restaurant's will be really packed. If you decide to just stay at home and cooked together that will do also. Gourmet or not, cooking together and sharing the same small kitchen space can be very romantic.

2. Tight Budget?
-Who says that you have to splurge? No money, No Honey (hahaha just kidding). No problem... Just stay at home and cuddle each other, and while your at it, you can put some nice mellow music on the background hmmm I recommend that you put on the song bed of roses (hahaha).

3. Show You Care!
-Hide a valentine in a lunch box, briefcase or purse. Imagine the smile on their face when they find it during the day. Give her lots and lots and lots and lots of chocolate kisses!

3. Send A Flower!
-Your bitter half (male or female) flowers at work. *that, will make their hair long... lol, sa tagalog haba hair nya!* If you are on a very tight budget like me, give just one single hand-delivered flower. Remember, it's the thought not the quantity. (if your budget is really-really-really tight? well just give some dried/plastic flowers... o diba buong taon kahit sampung taon na nakakaraan dehins mo kelangan magbigay ulit.)

4. Call Your Local Radio Station
-And dedicate his/her favorite song to that radio station that he or she will be listening to.

5. Appreciate her
-Type up 10-15 things you love about your bitter half. Write a short sentences about each one. Print them out and cut them into sections for each sentence. Take each sentence and tape or place them throughout your house or apartment. Watch as your bitter half scrambles around trying to find each one when he or she gets there.

As for me I won't be doing this things even if I have a bitter half. Am just going to wear red (libre pa!)

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