Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Make a better fairie

As you all know, I am just a maid living in some poor slum city in America, trying to wash peoples dirty clothes, scrubbing other houses floor, taking care of other peoples children just to live day by day and have something to put on the table. I want my life to be better... And by that, I decided to go back to school. Sometimes-ofentimes-everytimes I would not go to school, because I don't have anything to eat. I have to wok first before I can go to school so I'll have lunch money. It's really hard for me to go to school at times, since I am on below the poverty line, I just walk every single day on my old shoes, that has a hole on the middle. I have to walk 10 miles everyday and cross a river... You can do your part! By helping and saving an endangered fairie. Make a difference! By just one penny a day you can help people make a bitter life!

Sponsor a fairie today! By doing so, you can provide a her with clean bottled water, nutritious steak/seafood...

You can change the World for a fairie! It's never too late to help. You will improve the life and future of a fairie who needs your help.


pusa said...

andrama mo mare!!!! hahahaha na-inspire ako, gagawa rin ako save the cat!!!! im racking my brains if i have a "nakakaawa" pic... hanep sa advertisement itoh :)

diwata said...

bwahahahah... pang alam mo