Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Little Britain (Ting Tong Macadangdang)

I don't know, if I should be affected about this video... Well, I am not a farang. I don't know if I am considered as a farang since I am not a full breed caucasian... (farang has two different meanings one is guava and the other is foreigner that is married to a Thai?)

Little Britain is a comedy series that tries to take a provocative and satirical look at characters that inhabit Great Britain. It is produced by the BBC and stars Matt Lucas and David Williams. (I love Little Britain, but sometimes they kind of offend me in some way).

I am affected by racism in my everyday life! Being half man / half horse / half chink / half this and half of that and half of everything..., Plus am lesbian. Sometimes I just don't know where I really belong and where I should place myself in this world.

I hear negative and ignorant comments and it really hurts me.

Last time at a bar... I was passing by people over that crowded bar and I heard someone - some whitetrash said... "Oh be careful honey, let the Chinese lady pass..." HUWAT??? You don't say that! You don't say Chinese Lady! It's like saying the N word for me... It is such a derogatory comment for me. It's okay if we are on the same boat... If we have the same Ethnicity, but no, but no, but yes, but no we are not the same!

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