Monday, January 14, 2008

I need more sleep!

I was Agnes fault why I missed out in the gym today and had sleepless night, last night I had a hard time sleeping, hmmm given already I had 4 cups of Colombian blend coffee, plus I had a very-very-very-very bad nightmare, it's a very scary nightmare...

It's raining opps since my PR was re-instated not to it's original ranking but to 1, well it's better than nothing!, And all I could ever think off is blogging before I went off to bed and how to make more money *I need moniessss may it be pesosess or dinar or even lira* As you would all know, I am a diwata and I am the CEO/President/Founder of the organization save a diwata, since diwata's are now considered as one of endangered species.

Eye em cheaper than your average hore and street children... So what are you waiting for? Donate now!

To be continued...

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