Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Guess what are they looking for... Pinay Lesbian Sex!

Oh my gawd! Guess what this perverts are searching on the Internet? Pinay Lesbian Sex and the query was re-directed on my site... &W#$!%$$%*(+! WHAT THE? My site is not a porno site, my site is a very wholesome site. This is the proof... Stories, Opinions, Current Events, Humour, Photos, Social Concerns and Random Thoughts of a Minority.

There is no Pinay Lesbian Sex here, but there is Pinay Lesbian Drama here everyday thou! LOL. Everyday, it's just never-ending!

Isn't this Pinay Lesbian Sex such a Fetish? I am a Lesbian, I have been lesbian for all my life and believe me...*Cross my heart!* I don't watch lesbian porn it's ewww... Nooo, it's not really ewww,yuckie things like that, it's just very degrading...


eve said...

I get some weird searches too!

toni/nonblogger said...

traffic pa rin yan ate diwa.
epekto din yan ng mga labels or tags, at pati laman ng comment box mo.

check mo ung post mo sa ibaba nito, ano masasabi mo jan?

Ryan Boyles said...

The web have gone weird nowadays, My website is about sex toys but I don’t even rank on the first page.

-Yan @ Sex Toys Philippines