Thursday, January 10, 2008

Got Apple?

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away! Apples are good for the teeth, the skin and complexion, the stomach, the nerves, and overall good health (ahhh no wonder, mala kutis porcelana ako!)

FA-Q's about apple...

  1. Fresh apples float on water since 25% of their volume is air.
  2. Apples are high in fiber. One apple has 5 grams of fiber, supplying about 20% of the daily recommended dietary needs.
  3. Apples are best eaten with the peel since most of the fiber and antioxidants are found in the apple's peel.
  4. Apples are ripe when picked.
  5. Apple seeds are like human. Each seed will give a different type of apple from the planted seed.
  6. The apple fruit itself is covered with a natural layer of wax to protect its high water content. Hence, fresh apples are always crisp.

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