Friday, January 11, 2008

Attention All Singles...

Hey you singles out there, there is a brand new and world-wide first social network and it's totally FREE! Yes it is Free social dating network for singles and friends...

Well, date-o-mat takes online dating to the next level. The website combines the best features of leading social networking sites and traditional online dating services. One good thing is that date-o-mat is 100% free for everyone so put that credit/debit card away, cause with date-o-mat you will never spend any penny!

This is a new and very refreshing way of approach to helping people to find new relationships or to make new friends in a very fun and easy way. Again unlike other traditional online dating sites date-o-mat don't put a pay wall between you and everyone you try and contact. This is 100% FREE for everyone, so what are you guys waiting for? Sign up now!

This is a unique online dating and online personals service. date-o-mat has a potential to attract thousands and even millions of members and I know that there will be thousands of successful matches.

It's feature is just the best of them all. Well at date-o-mat you can of course create your own profile, upload photos, upload videos, FREE chat, instant messages, smiles, emails, reply to messages, subscribers get access to unlimited instant messages, unlimited emails. You can even search your local area and or community., I have just check date-o-mat at and whoaaaa I did not know that you can even pimp your nickpage on date-o-mat with cool & free music powered by

This is such a wonderful site to meet people from all different walks of life! date-o-mat is such nice Social Network!!! Just great to to meet the opposite sex for relationship or friendship on a social network one of the best ways is just by social networking! Get involved in groups, in comments, on message boards, on walls, on the networks page, or wherever! The key here is that you just get socialized!