Thursday, January 17, 2008

Afganistan after the Taliban

So I was watching The Filipino Channel 2 days ago and kapuso Jessica Soho went to Afghanistan, I admire her courage for doing so.

As you would know, Afghanistan is one of the heaviest mined countries in the world. In spite of eight years of intensive mine clearance, in 1999 only 146 square kilometers of mined area have been cleared. An area of 713 square kilometers remains to be cleared. Landmines kill or maim an estimated ten to twelve people each day in Afghanistan. It is believed that almost 50 percent of landmine victims die due to lack of medical facilities.

Landmines have been planted indiscriminately over most of the country. Agricultural farms, grazing areas, irrigation canals, residential areas, roads and footpaths, both in urban and rural areas, are contaminated. Mines are a major obstacle to repatriation, relief, rehabilitation and development activities.

When Afghanistan was still under the Taliban people there were not allowed to do stuffs that a normal person can do. They cannot even watch television, if they are caught there is a possibility that they might end up in prison.

Much has changed for many Afghan women since the fall of the Taliban regime. In theory they now have the same rights as men, to work and go to school.

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