Monday, January 14, 2008

8 things that i am grateful for

Today is a day for another meme... Thanks to my one and only Pusa I love you ko ikaw talaga!

i'm grateful for...

1. for this tag, i now have something to post in between hehehe *copy paste from pusa bwehehehe... am busy right now! it's raining oppsss mareeee*

2. to google for reinstating my PR, not to 8... But it's okay, it's better than nothing!

3. for my ever-ever-ever dearest La Germania, if not for you I don't know what's going to happen to my one-woman-empire. At long last my charger arrive already, am just a little scared to use it, I don't want my La Germania to be on fireeee....

4. like pusa I am beautiful and sexy (walang aangal!)

5. for all the monieeeeess that i have earned today! it's raining opssss (I still need to buy a book thou, so people save a diwata, it's never too late!).

6. for all the people I have known, that's been really-really-really good to me (echos! hehehe) from real life and blogging...

7. that after all that fire-crackers that I have set-off last New-Years Eve, I still have my fingerzzz on bwehehehe

8. more meme!

I am now passing this tag to Pretty, Amor, JC, Dr. Joy and Norms

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Pretty Life Online said...

hehehe ito ba tag ko? done it! ganyan ka kalakas sa akin.... tingnan mo nagawa ko agad assignment ko ha!