Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tight and Sore

I swear i feel so tight and sore right now. [From working out!!!]

I am so excited for the summer! It's really fast approaching!!!

So started goin again to the gym for almost 3 weeks now... Whew.., after a quite long rest. [READ: After being so addicted in blogging. Uh-huh i ditched goin' there just to blog! My family even got me an interventionist! For this addiction to stop.]

I am so working-out much harder now. [Thanks to Jackie!] See that booty? Isn't she delish? [Me love her loong time!]

In no time am gonna have that beautiful bod! Well i don't spent 3 hours at the gym for nothing no! [Oh well, 3 hours right? Here's the breakdown... You do the math. Well for a start i stretch for like 30mins, walk for freakin' 10mins with red-bull on my right hand and my music slave on my left--busy-busy-busy!, i flirt for hmmm lemme see... 2.50 hours and again 30mins for stretching i just have to do alot of stretching cause you know, i don't wannabe sore the next day. See i really spend alot of time there! And am really excited for the results. Am giving myself 3months to be the next Jackie!]

I am also eating much lesser now! [Yeah i eat once a day now. Maybe that's also the reason why am always bitchin'@work, well now i know it's not caused by pms! lol.]

I have an eating disorder... There are times that i would eat and not eat at all.

I noticed that whenever i felt angry/sad or just simply pissed off i always end up at the buffet place, no kidding the whole fucken day and i would sat there and i would just find myself eating all their dumplings, chicken feet and pork buns filled with so much flavor from the MSG! Ohh i love MSG! [I just hate those days! Don't you?]

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