Thursday, April 12, 2007

SMILE, and I Hope The World Will SMILE With Them

I was doing my brisk walking yesterday afternoon at the gym while reading my magazine digital photo pro. And I noticed that there are some loose pamphlets inside it. *I know I am very much of an OC!*

As a curious cat i am, i checked it out! I saw photo's of children with cleft lips. It was from a cleft charity.

I remember when i was in P.I. Some centuries ago, there had been a Medical Mission if I could reckon uhmm lasted two weeks i think...

Medical Professionals from around the globe joined this so called program to help children with such birth defects. -- I am touched whenever I hear or see something like this. *Shessh! I may be rough on the outside but you know... That's just me...* [Ehe... Scoffs]

I guess there is HOPE


Leilani Love said...

Hey chick! I'll take those Tagalog lessons over my own cooking any day! (Bartering is soooooooo underrated...)

bea said...

I think you are referring to one of the medical missions of Operation Smile, Philippines, an organization which is actively involved in conducting cleft lip and cleft palate reconstructive surgery in the countryside, and yes, they are changing the lives of hundreds of children affected. they are giving them hope.

diwata said...

Hey Leilani thanks for the visit! When do you want to barter? Ima sucker for eggrolls!=D

There is hope?@Tita Beya