Sunday, April 8, 2007

Bravo's Work Out Season 2

When I grow up, I wanted to be just like her! The Asian version of her. *ting-pang-tong-tang-ting-pang-pang-pang.
Mandolin playing on the background.* [That Mandolin needs a little bit of tunning!]

I hope i get famous. Just like her, And i think am on my way. I wanted to have my own Business too.

[Jackie is a personal trainer and if she has Work Out . Umm I could call mine WOK with me. As you would all know I am a maid, i could be also a personal cook. ] *Here am i again on my competitiveness lol.*

And since i am Asian.

Maybe i can call it

[WOK with Chink...] HA HA HA...

I am so gonna watch the 2nd episode this coming Tuesday@ Bravo 10/9c... BTW it's channel 273 on Direct TV.

I am excited about Jackie and Rebecca

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