Thursday, April 26, 2007

Phone Conversation

I didn't come to work today, am not feeling good.

Instead i cleaned a bit, fold my laundry that's been sitting here for almost a month now... whew what a relief! And for that i want to treat myself.

So I called my 2nd favorite Chinese fast food.

Girl: Hallo how may hepa? *On a fast tone and delivery.*

Me: Hi uhhmm [Since am still confuse on what to order.]

Girl: Fo pick up o delivah? Can i have you phone numbah and addre plea.

Me: 482-**** and 110 Mississippi Ave.

Girl: wha-wha-chero Missis Ave.?

Me: No, it's Mississippi Ave.

Girl: Plea spell it fo me!

Me: M-I-S-I-S-I-P-I *Oh man I couldn't spell my own street!*

I live on the corner of the street. Seriously I even look out of my window to check, but the street sign was taken down by some teen-agers. Oh good lord.

So what i did was went to the Internet to look it up LOL.

Me: It's M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i Ave.

Girl: Hokay, what you want?

Me: Hot and sour soup large, 2 liter diet coke, Boneless spareribs with Pork fried rice, and 2 hot oil please.

Girl: We not have diet cook, we have spray or pepchi.

Me: Okay, okay give me pepsi.

Girl: It come with tha egg-raw. I repea you ordah hokay. 2 litah pepchi, Boneless spareribs with pok fly lie, Hot and sour soups. Hold on I compute!

Me: *Sighing.*

Girl: Minimum delivery is fiteen dollah! Your total is foutee fity.

Me: It's okay i'll just pay it.

Girl: No-no-no I put egg-raw.

Me: It's okay! How long will it take?

Girl: fitee mini.

Am not being arrogant or racist! Me, myself has an accent too.

I noticed that whenever i eat at Chinese places. The food servers... They talk fast. I mean very fast! Ever encounter that? And once they got your order... Their like... psssshwinggg... Their f*****g outta there! He he he...

It took me 10 mins. to place that damn order. We just can't understand each other. Maybe it's just not me doing the deciphering game hah-hah-hah...

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C5 said...

crooked-crooked I,
crooked-crooked I,

That's how you spell mississippi! :D

Now, how do u spell our country w/ 1 i?