Thursday, April 12, 2007

76ers Vs Celtics

Last week I was at the 76ers game at Wachovia Center. I am not really a basketball person. I am more of a football/hockey fan. But since the ticket was free and it's gonna be on a premium seating [Mind you on a suite.] I just grab that op with no hesitations. *Who doesn't want freebies? Eh?*

See those lovely ladies?

I think i am gonna have a heart attack on this one... [They just keep on flaunting those bosoms.]

Is that a butt??? *Mi dios por santo my virgin eyes are being corrupted Ekkk.* Believe me the bazoongas are everywhere!!!

I really don't care about the game! Well in fact i dunno what's the score at this moment. I am here for this. Ha ha ha... *I just have to blur those beautiful faces. Since i didn't have any release forms with me.*

YOUR A WANKER NO.4!!! [Ooopsie I got carried away... I taught i was in a football game.]

Proof that Mr. Games is such really a wanker! *Uh-oh GIRLFRIEND you don't hit yout playmates!*

See that lil girl? *I believe i can fly... I believe I can touch the sky... I think about it every night and day... la la la la*

There is an anomaly here! Why do they have to put up sexy girls here and the goons as back up dancers? Why??? Can someone please explain this to me! [Is that Notorious BIG? Now that's what i call Gangsta!]


Regina F said...

Oh c'mon diwata, you can do better than that ;)

diwata said...

Cheers Matey! Iheart those babes! ;p . Just one of my fantasies har har de har har.