Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Lounge is not just a sound, it's a way of life. A religion if you will.

No regrets
Everything will work out fine
We'll hold our breath
Wait for another sign
I've tastedYour bittersweet faith
My heart aches for you
I'm taking
A moment to say
Everything I doI do for youI do it all for you
Lay your sweet
Tears across my broken dream
Don't you speak
A word about the past
You'll need more than I'll ever give
I can't lie to youI love you
My angel, my sin
Everything I do
I do for you
I do it all for you
Anything, anything for you
Are we're moving in the right direction
What is fate if fate's immersed in shame
A high price for the beauty of perfectionI go when all
I want to do is stayI do for youI do it all for you
Anything, I do it all for you
Anything for you


reyna elena said...

I love the music. I really do.
And I love WILL.
I can marry him.
I'll bear his children if I have to.
Do I?
Can I?
Should I?
Why wouldn't I?
I'm in love with him.
I'd do anything for him

diwata said...

Exotic ka ba? Kelangan magpaka exotic muna tayo... Para may magmahal din sa atin!