Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hung - over

I went out last Friday and had like 9-10 drinks ugh my tolerance is getting higher, higher, higher, and higher. [The drinks are just whoa overflowing! It's everywhere. I mean people just kept giving me drinks.] I went home around 5a.m. yeah a very un-usual thing for a lesbian to be out this late! Slept for about 3 hours cause i still got this breakfast thingy with my family, and have to work overtime for 3 hours. I swear i will never drink again and work the next day!!! [Even i showered twice already i could still smell the alcohol in me eww gross.] I always say this whenever i get bad hung-overs but still drinks and still not learn lol.

After work, I still manage to go to this Fil-Am basketball thing. I just have to, my cousin's/uncle's--my whole clan is there. It was organized by one of my uncle's. [I went of course, to show my support and was hoping to see Jill--my straight cousin's best friend and she's straight too. HA HA HA HA... I have fetishes with straight girls. I heart straight girls.]
Well I have two missions... Make my cousin and her friend to be gay too!!! [It's just hard to be the only gay in the family.]--She wasn't there but the sister is. Ugh.

My day didn't end there! Not Yet!

My cousin invited me to grab something at the Filipino store. I would be more happy if she invited me go to sleep. [I still got headache from last night.] Jill works there and was kind of hoping she would be our server. Maybe it's just not my lucky day she's not working not until around 7p.m. for the Pacquiao Game. Oh no am not gonna hang-out there until 7-8 p.m just to see her LOL.

Today was a very long day indeed.

Finally i got home around 6p.m. As an Obsessive-Compulsive person I am. I just can't wait to jump on the shower and put on my pajamas. [That would be my third time to go to the shower. First is when i got home at 5a.m. Second was before i went to work 9a.m and This was my third and hopefully my last for this day.]
And it's not summer yet okay. During summertime my average would be four-five times a day! Yeah that's also the reason why i have a very dry skin.

I decided to take a quick nap from 7p.m-2a.m... More of a sleep right? Teheeh heeehh ehehe...

It's almost 3a.m. and I don't know what to do... I wanted to do something... Anything... So badly... Am bored...

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