Thursday, April 26, 2007


Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the conquest of it.

Five fortune cookies came with my order. Supposed to be just one, but i like these cookies so I asked for extra.

I know someone who would crack these babies up just to see what's her fortune and not eat it. Crazy right? Anyhow she passed away, so bless her soul.

I was kind of hoping that my fortune says... "Tomorrow when you wake up, You will be a millionaire." LOL .

Am finished eating so back to work, a.k.a blogging.

Canon EOS Rebel Xti; M mod; 1/10; f11; ISO800
Canon EFS 18-55mm


Regina F said...

Ah, wouldn't we all want to be a millionnaire tomorrow...
Personally, I like the taste of fortune cookies better than the inside bit itself so I could never stand to just read the paper and chuck the cookie away!

diwata said...

Hey Regina how you doin'?

Have you tried it with ice cream?

C5 said...

Fortune cookies are not good.
If the content is positive, you'll eagerly wait for it, right? Then it did not just leaves you with an empty soul...

If it happens, you're just ecstatic it did...but where's the beauty of surprise?

If it's negative, you're sour the whole day, week, month, etc., etc...

Not good.