Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Do you love food flavourings? Now there is an agency which covers all aspects of product development in beverage, bakery, sweet, smoke, bespoke, savoury, dairy and associated industries. They can help you to arrive at concepts, through structured workshops, which they can see through each stage to final product completion in the market.

If you have a food or a drink requirement has the solution for you! You can visit it's site and ask for a flavouring sample which you can get within the period of 24 hours, easy right?

They had developed solutions for all areas of the food and drink industry. Water for example, As the flavoured water market continues to grow, consumers expectations of the beverage of choice grow with it. As consumers palates become more sophisticated they want more exciting flavors to tempt them.

Formulating great tasting. No-sugar, clear drinks which contain authentic natural fruit flavours where the fruit component is unusual or exotic is a challenge in itself. When those fruits must be named and depicted the challenge is one that can test even the most experienced product developer. Unlike some “one size fits all” flavours HoF’s beverage flavours have been developed specifically for non-sugar sweetened, clear beverages, with profiles that appeal to today’s consumer.

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