Friday, December 21, 2007

party all the time!

Since it's holiday season, I have been invited to alot of parties. Everybody in my circle of social climbing friends are throwing a party of their own except me the (social climber of all JAPs) well first am busy... super busy, I haven't done any shopping yet honestly! *wala kasing pang-shopping ehem-ehem* (parinig ko lang sa amo ko lol) But, yeah I will be throwing a caviar and wine party after the holidays (shempre add/bi-polar/adhd/odd ako) kaya gusto ko, ako lang ang tanging may party at that time at tanging wala nang iba!

My caviar and wine party, will be the party of the century! I will beat my friend Vijay Bombay's "curry parteh"

This will be my last post entry this year (if I have time, I will be posting my trip, cause I'll be back by Dec 31 tapos larga na ulit!). For I will be away, in Europe tomorrow and spend my Holidays there, oo Europe as in Europa! I am so exited, I can't wait Paris, Rome and Athens on a winter, kakasawa naman kasing pumunta doon habang summer. I wanted to experience Europe during winter. :::Wheeee:::

I wish everybody a warm and nice Holidays!

I'll be back by New Year's. For I will be live and kicking in Nueva Yorka's Times Square! I will be doing the ball drop on the eve.
:::Whee::: Ulit lol.

Note: Beware: Caution: Babala: Warning:
Last night my siblings called me, and asked me what I wanted for a gift? Just plain straightforward question... So I, myself is also a veryveryveryvery to the maxinum power straightforward person... Don't give me straightforward questions and you'll get what you are looking for! So I told em' I want this-I want that!-I want everything! (ibibigay nyo ba sa akin?) *habang nakatutok ang basuka sa mouth piece ng phone*

A piece of advice, don't ask-don't tell! Yan ang policy ko! hehehe...

I wish meself luck, for tonight is is the last day I will have panic attacks and hyperventilation...

Happy Holidays everybody!


Beng said...

Dearest Diwa,

In the glow of every Christmas tree may there be wamrth and happiness for you.

May the magic of Christmas leave behind sweet memories to cherish forever.

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

All the best,

pusa said...

wishing you a merry christmas from the bottom of meow heart. mwahhhh

maLen said...

merry krismas 2u diwaaaaaaaaaaa and pati na din sa ka-live in mong si TITA MEGA...hahahahh

mwah!! love you both!