Friday, December 28, 2007

Mourning For Democracy

Today is a day to mourn, not just for Benazir Bhutto, but for democracy.

I am on vacation right now, and really don't have plans of blogging... But while talking to Pusa earlier I listened to the telly on the background. I am just serprise... I was deeply shocked and horrified to hear of the heinous assassination of an outstanding leader who worked for democracy and reconciliation in her country.

A martyr indeed for democracy. As the heiress of a wealthy family, she could have lived a comfortable life in exile anywhere in the world but instead, knowing that her life would be in danger, she chose to return to Pakistan to fight for democracy and against dictatorial rule by ruler Pervez Mucharraf. When her motorcade was attacked upon her return by a suicide bomber, she kept going, and when government troops even set up camp inside her house to keep her under arrest, she still pressed forward.

This is such a barbaric act! So for those coward people who are afraid of democracy and is involved in this tragedy, mamatay din kayo! Pweee!


pusa said...

very sad indeed.. and a tragedy waiting to happen! as i've said in reynz' blog... i'm surprised she lasted this long since her return last october

jessie said...

hi DB,

i cannot agree more. i love the figure that is Bhutto. this is one of the many people who are admirable inside out. galeng ng taong to kaya saludo ako sa kanya.