Thursday, December 13, 2007

Am sad!

Today my apple notebook complete with case - (mahirap na at baka magasgas, kebago-bago eh), just arrived, and I guess I have to return it back to them... ;(

I really wanted this notebook, really! I don't care even I don't know how to use the OS Leopard basta I like it pa din! (umandar ang pagka-social climber ever).

When I bought it, I didn't put any credit/debit card, what I did was just hit the BML button Bill Me Later... I was so excited, cause I know with BML I have like 6 months to pay it in full and it has no interest when I pay before the given grace perios... But sad to say, I just have to return it... Cause when I bought it, it wasn't qualified with that... Wala po silang promo na ganun noong binili ko waaaaahhhhh... Hindi ko kasi binasa bago ko binili - atat-na-atat kasi ako! So it's no use if ever, dahil pagdumating ang bill ng BML I still have to pay it in cash... So ganun din diba? Well I have another option, like return it and buy it again using my credit card... But the thing is, malapit na akong ilibing ng buhay sa totoo lang kasi mababaon na kung ganito lang mangyayari... LOL

Now, I am going to call Apple and request a return slip from them...

Bye-bye ever dearest Apple notebook, hello again and I guess I will be stuck with you for life La Germania! *BWUHUHUHU*

I thought my Holidays would be merry...

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pusa said...

awww shucks naman! back to lagermania? teka diba oven un? =)
dont worry you still have pwends kahit wala mac, just cheering you up this holiday season =)