Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I am... Blog for the day?

Blog of the day! :::whee::: *Am I just dreaming or Huwatt?*

I've been blogging for a little bit over 8 months, and I have been a postie with (PPP) for like 5 months already.

I don't know, what am feeling right now... I just did not expect that my blog will be voted as blog of the day, but thanks though...

I feel so... appreciated, important and most of all, this is the first time I felt that am alive too *ohh this would be the fault of my daily dosage, it hasn't kick in yet! LOL*

Sign up now!!! And get paid t blog about the things that you love!


maLen said...

nang gagalaiti ako sa inggit

diwata said...

ang kapalit ng pagiging BLAG of tha day eh walang oppss waaaaaaaaaa